Manuals for Atlas Radios


the 180 manual

Here are a the full manuals for the most common Atlas products. The PDF versions are probably more reliable as far as printing is concerned.

When downloading the ".doc" or ".pdf" files you should use "save target as" function to prevent the browser trying to display the document. In Internet Explorer - right-click on the link and choose "Save target As.."; in Firefox -right click and "Save Link As".

We start with the Atlas 180 manual.

Atlas 210/215 manual, courtesy of Bruno ON6AB.

Atlas 215x Limited Edition manual, courtesy of Martin DJ3ZF.

Atlas 210X/215X Transceivers Engineering Supplement by Kevin Murphy – ZL1UJG & Clint Chron – W7KEC.

Very comprehensive manual containing many useful bits of information which are hard to find elsewhere.

Atlas VX-5M Vox Accessory. Supplied by Edson F. Moreira.

Atlas Model 206 VFO. Supplied by Jean-Marc, F1URL.

Atlas Model 350XL. The 180's big brother!

Atlas 400X, the rig that never was.. Only a few made it out of the factory.

The 110 series separates.

Atlas DD series, digital frequency displays. Thanks to LW3ESC and Bill Turini.

More PDF Manuals

Alignment procedures and info on the 210/215

Lastly here is a data-sheet (1MB) for the elusive RCA 40582 driver transistors which many of us have in our Atlas PAs. (Don't ask me where you can get one though.. I've tried!)
Atlas suggested a 2SC799 but they are also getting hard to find.
Ariel LU8EGB reckons that a 2SC2034 has almost identical specifications, is a TO39 device and can still can be found in the USA at 2 - 3 U$S.