Other Atlas Radios


front view of 180

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This is WB6VHK's rare working Atlas 400X. He writes... There is a great story behind the 400X, About 5 or 6 of them made it out the door before the company folded but most came back as they did not work right, I don't know how many where returned to the owners. I acquired the one in the picture from a ham in the Midwest, It was a door prize at a hamfest in 1995. It did never work right either! The construction is terrible, I have spent months fixing little things and have it to the point where I have had some good QSO's on 40 and 20 meters!


The Atlas 350XL

This is the Atlas 350XL, a later development of the 210's technology having a digital readout and double PA producing about 200W.


Atlas RX-110

The Atlas RX-110, the receiver from the 110 seperates. It was basically the RX from a 210X.


Atlas TX-110

The TX half was the TX-110.


Power pack for the seperates

And there was a matching PSU.


Atlas RX/TX-110

Here we see a pair together, operating as a transceiver. Note that this TX-110 is a rare version with a large meter. It is part of WB6VHK's collection.


Atlas 180/210/215 pictures.